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Why Should You Buy American-Made Cutting Tools for Your Shop?

America-made cutting tools from Dapra Corporation

Are you currently purchasing imported cutting tools? Why not give American-made tooling a fair shot? Combined with unbeatable local application assistance and tech support, it could mean a substantial productivity gain for your shop. While upgrading to a product that benefits your business, you're also supporting American manufacturing both for today and future generations.

There are many reasons to invest in cutting tools that are made in the USA...

  1. Re-investment in the American manufacturing economy - The more American-made products we invest in, the more American manufacturing jobs are created and protected, providing a strong source of income for generations to come. Keeping our money here benefits everyone investing or operating within the American economy.
  2. Quality guarantee - The "Made in USA" label isn't something to take lightly. For Dapra, it demonstrates pride in manufacturing and a guarantee that product is made to tight tolerances and exacting specifications, providing consistency in performance that is critical to today's competitive manufacturing environment.
  3. American independence - Making and buying our products here creates an atmosphere of independence, rather than relying on low-cost countries to provide us with our daily needs. And buying products made here in the USA means that world politics and trade – and the obstacles that often come with it when importing products – don't affect your day-to-day business.
  4. Legal and fair-wage manufacturing - You are assured that the workers producing your product are fairly compensated American workers, vs. low-wage workers working in sweat-shop type conditions at below-poverty wages.

Buying American-made cutting tools demonstrates that as an American manufacturer, you are supporting other shops just like you. You are supporting American manufacturing as a business segment and helping to support the nation's economy as a whole.

In turn, Dapra will be there to support you with top-notch product and the most dependable applications assistance in the business. Check out our Guaranteed Test Order program for a risk-free taste of what American-made tooling can do for your shop.

Thanks to the folks at American Made Matters for the inspiration for this post.