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Double-Sided Square Shoulder 90-Degree Milling System

Reduce Cost Per Edge, Eliminate Cutter Replacement Expense

Our new EDGE²® DSS system was engineered to deliver both premium 90° milling performance and the industry’s best indexable milling value. Double-sided DSS inserts provide four usable cutting edges to significantly lower cost-per-edge versus single-sided inserts, and DAPRA’s permanent automatic cutter replacement program makes it easier for shops to keep good-condition tools in use rather than making do with worn-out cutters.

DSS inserts feature a positive geometry for low cutting pressure while still maintaining strength. Designed convexity creates smooth surface finishes when step-down profile milling, and a custom-designed wiper edge generates beautiful surface finishes. They are available in both T-land and dished geometries, in a variety of high-performance grades and coatings.

DSS end mills, shell mills and screw-on modular heads are machined from hardened, high-shock tool steel to minimize runout and maximize durability and life. Nickel plating provides a harder casing for improved pocket durability and resistance to chip galling, and deep gullets deliver efficient chip evacuation, even on the heaviest cuts. Long-reach tools are available with carbide core for enhanced rigidity and reduced deflection.

EDGE² DSS Double-Sided Square Shoulder

DSS system tools are available now. Click here for technical and ordering information.

DSS is the latest extension of DAPRA’s revolutionary new EDGE² line, a truly indexable tool family built around high-performance, twin-edged inserts and heavy-duty cutter bodies for superior roughing and finishing. All DAPRA cutting tools are made in the USA, and a guaranteed test order program provides shops a risk-free introduction to these tools.

See DSS in Action!

In this demo video, we perform 3D roughing, profile milling and ramp milling operations. Click here to check out the full application details.

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