1. Anti-seize must be applied before using tool for first time.
  2. Remove screw from cutter body.
  3. Generously apply anti-seize to entire length of screw body, not to just the threads (see diagram).
  4. Clean out insert pocket before assembly of insert/screw combination.
  5. Place insert into cutter-body pocket.
  6. Place screw with applied anti-seize into position in cutter body.
  7. While gently pushing on the end of the TORX® screwdriver/wrench, begin tightening the screw (may turn with slight resistance in order to pull insert tight into the pocket).
  8. Tighten screw to snug fit, taking care not to overtighten. Follow torque specifications shown on page 12 of our Ball Nose catalog.
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 for each insert change.
  10. Replace screw with each new box of inserts to assure maximum performance.