New SBD backdraft-style finishing inserts for the EDGE² SBN system feature a positive-rake side-cutting wiper, an ultra-robust carbide insert, and a unique and rigid insert mount for maximum performance in long-reach, low-pressure finishing cutting.

Demo Applications

Constant Ramp Profile – Inside Pocket & Outside Profile

6700 RPM / 200 IPM

Plunge Finishing on a Tapered Wall

6700 RPM / 200 IPM

SBD inserts maximize surface finish and rigidity while also minimizing cutting forces:

  • Positive-rake cutting wiper allows for larger stepdowns and faster feed rates than traditional backdraft-style inserts
  • Insert thickness provides optimum rigidity and heat control, providing superior tool life
  • Strong insert seating accepts cutting forces with minimal deflection, allowing no insert movement

SBD inserts are available in two new coatings: TS for general purpose machining in steels, irons, and stainless steels; and HM for hardened steels and high-temperature materials. Click here for ordering information, or contact us using this form to discuss your application!

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