Quickly and accurately milling a deep chase pocket is a money-making skill that every mold shop should have in its arsenal. In this demo, we look at a solid approach to roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing the walls and floor of a deep, straight-walled pocket for a mold insert.

In this detailed instructional video (20 min 50 sec), we start with the CAM programming routine (using Mastercam), move on to the graphic verification, and then check out the actual metal cutting at the machine tool. Scroll down for a shorter video of just the live cutting tool footage. While this pocket is only 5" x 7" x 3.5", the same approach can easily be used for one multiple times larger.

Chase Pocket Roughing

Roughing is done with a 2" diameter high-feed shell mill, using a constant-ramp profiling technique. Good air blast is VERY important here!

Pocket Finishing

These mold pocket semi-finishing and finishing operations utilize our newest finishing line, the EDGE² SBN system with SBD back draft inserts.

Live Cutting Tool Footage:

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