Extreme material removal from high-hardness tool steel with limited horsepower

Need to remove lots of material quickly from high-hardness tool steel, with limited horsepower at your disposal? A heavy-feed indexable milling system could be the answer.

This application required the removal of .600" material on several 4.5" x 12" blocks of Uddeholm Unimax steel – using a 40-taper machine. Equipped with a Big-Plus spindle, the machine tool was strong enough to allow for very aggressive metal removal with the following parameters:

  • 2" Dapra Heavy-Feed Cutting Tool (5 flutes)
  • 600 SFM (1150 RPM)
  • .060" FPT (345 IPM)
  • .050" DOC
  • 75% WOC
  • Total cycle time: less than 2 minutes

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