Constant ramping with a shoulder mill for easy, efficient profiling and good surface finishes

Profile milling with long-reach cutting tools can be challenging, but a constant ramping routine can make quick and easy work of these types of cuts – and provide good surface finishes, even in the roughing cut. With this approach, the cutter enters the part and doesn't leave it until reaching final depth. Cuts are low horsepower, low pressure, and very time efficient.

In this demo, a double-sided EDGE² DSS series shoulder mill runs with a constant light depth of cut, assuring wall straightness and leaving even stock for a finish tool. If you've ever used a helix motion to open up larger hole diameters, you'll recognize our technique. Here are the demo application specs:

  • Material: 6" x 8" 4140PH
  • 800 SFM (1530 RPM)
  • .009 FPT (70 IPM)
  • .125" constant ramp
  • .100" - .125" WOC
  • 2" DSS shell mill with 12mm DSS-D inserts
  • 6" tool extension
  • Total cycle time to 3.5" depth = 12.5 minutes

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