More profitable contour milling with indexable, high-feed tooling

High-efficiency (Dynamic) milling with a solid carbide end mill is all the rage, but you may be able to match – or beat – those removal rates and save significant money on tooling by ramping with an indexable high-feed tool. In this quick demo, we high-feed ramp an outside profile to 3.5" depth. Our Heavy-Feed shell mill cuts the 4140PH material at 287 IPM, even at 4.5" gage length, and on a Haas 40-taper machine!

This common contour milling application demonstrates several advantages of high-feed ramping over high-efficiency milling:

  • Equal or even better metal removal rates
  • Substantially lower tooling cost
  • Index inserts quickly with no change in tool size
  • Axial tool pressure for better cutting stability
  • Mill to deeper depths without compromising productivity

Dapra is more than just a tooling provider. We work closely with shops of all sizes to help optimize milling efficiency and profitability, from their tooling choices to the way they attack critical applications.

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