High-efficiency dynamic milling (or volume milling) is a very efficient way to remove material quickly. Running your cutter at very high speeds and feeds, and at a high depth of cut – but with a light radial width of cut – provides high metal removal rates, shorter cycle times, and prolonged tool life.

Expensive solid carbide end mills are often used, but indexable tooling can often tackle dynamic milling jobs at a fraction of the cost. Watch an American-made 3/4" Helical Roughing End Mill perform an impressive .900” deep pocketing routine in 6061 aluminum.

Application Parameters

Tool: 3/4" Helical End Mill (HREM0750)

  • 2 flutes, 6 inserts, .900" max. DOC

Material: 6061 aluminum

  • 6" x 8" block

Pocketing routine:

  • 900" depth of cut
  • 10,000 RPM
  • 500 IPM Programmed Feed Rate
  • 15% (.113") Width of Cut (WOC)

Total cycle time: 5.5 min.

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