High-Feed Milling Tools: RHINO-FEED™

Ultra-aggressive geometry allows feed rates up to 5x faster than normal.

Rhino-Feed high-feed indexable milling tools

The ultra-aggressive geometry of our high-feed RHINO-FEED line takes advantage of chip thinning to allow feed rates up to 5x faster than normal! Use RHINO-FEED high-feed inserts for:

  • Mold cavity and core roughing
  • Roughing of complex part contours
  • Slotting
  • 2D contouring
  • Pocketing
  • Helical interpolation
  • Face milling
  • Step milling
High-feed milling High-feed milling applications

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Extreme chip thinning during high-feed milling

How does RHINO-FEED work?

High-feed milling creates significant chip thinning due to an extreme lead angle. Feed rates must compensate for this to maximize productivity. The figure at left shows an example of this condition.

Adjusting feed rates to account for chip thinning creates cutting conditions that provide very high feeds (IPM), but at lighter depths of cut (DOC). See the specific operating instructions for each size of high-feed insert to get the most of your Dapra RHINO-FEED product!

High-Feed Cutter Bodies

  • Through-hardened, extra-tough tool steel for optimum strength
  • Surface hardened for extra wear and chip-welding resistance
  • Machined after hardening for excellent runout
  • Standard and long-reach bodies available

High-Feed Inserts

  • Strong design allows high feed rates in all materials
  • Positive clearance provides excellent ramping and helixing capabilities
  • Multiple geometries for either smooth cutting or strong edge conditions
  • Simple but effective grade variety provides strong performance in all materials
Extreme chip thinning during high-feed milling

R2 Mini-Feed Cutters & Inserts

R2 Mini-Feed Cutters & Inserts

  • .500" - 1.000" OD
  • 8mm IC
  • 3 usable edges
  • "D" cutting edge
  • .030" max. DOC
R3 Mid-Feed Cutters & Inserts

R3 Mid-Feed Cutters & Inserts

  • 1.000" - 3.000" OD
  • 10mm IC
  • 4 usable edges
  • "T," "D" or "F" cutting edge
  • .045" max. DOC
R4 Heavy-Feed Cutters & Inserts

R4 Heavy-Feed Cutters & Inserts

  • 1.250" - 6.000" OD
  • 12mm IC
  • 4 usable edges
  • "T," "D" or "F" cutting edge
  • .060" max. DOC

NOTE: High-feed milling does a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time. This line's high production rate can create more heat than typical milling tools. Strong air blast is recommended (multiple lines if possible).

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