EDGE² DTB Double-Sided Toroid Copy Milling Series

Twice the metal removal – twice the value.

The EDGE² DTB copy milling series features double-sided button inserts and super-tough cutter bodies for premium performance across a wide range of roughing applications. Double-sided DTB inserts provide twice the number of usable edges as a normal, single-sided insert.

From mold cavity, core and complex part contour roughing to helical interpolation, pocketing, semifinishing and face milling, the DTB series was designed to help you maximize your efficiences in your most challenging copy milling applications.

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EDGE2 DTB Double-Sided Roughing Series

DTB Series Inserts

DTB series double-sided copy milling inserts provide 12 usable edges – twice the number of usable edges as a normal, single-sided insert. View DTB insert specifications and ordering information.

  • Outstanding insert life for roughing applications – significantly outlasts single-sided button inserts, as well as competitors' double-sided offerings
  • Thicker carbide insert provides better heat and stress absorption
  • Smooth cutting action, with available geometries suitable for cutting virtually all materials (except bar-stock aluminum and plastics)
  • Anti-rotation raised dimples for securely and consistently seating insert in cutter body when indexing
  • Recessed mounting face creates unobstructed chip flow for reduced stress and heat
  • Capable of metal removal rates approaching high-feed, but with better reliability

DTB Series Cutter Bodies

  • End mills, shell mills and screw-on modular heads machined from super-tough, high-shock tool steel
  • Fully thru- and case-hardened bodies for optimum strength and longevity
  • High accuracy/centrality for minimal runout, providing best finishes and tool life
  • Anti-rotation recessed dimples correspond with raised insert dimples for secure and consistent seating and indexing
  • Thru-coolant standard in many bodies for optimum air blast or high-pressure coolant use

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