EDGE² SBN Spherical Ball Nose End Mill Finishing Series

Truly indexable finishing inserts with 2 usable cutting edges.

The EDGE² SBN spherical ball nose end mill system features truly indexable inserts with two usable cutting edges, delivering both cost savings and the highest-quality finishes. Thicker carbide construction provides better heat and stress absorption, and outstanding insert life allows for the longest unattended 3D finishing runs – with superior surface finishes created by an improved grinding process.

The SBN series is also excellent for tip-cutting, 3D profiling, semi-finishing and light roughing.

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EDGE2 SBN Double-Sided Ball Nose Finishing Inserts

SBN Series Inserts

SBN series double-sided ball nose inserts are truly indexable, providing 2 usable edges for major cost savings – twice the number of usable edges as a normal, single-sided ball nose insert. View SBN insert specifications and ordering information.

  • Thicker carbide insert construction for better heat and stress absorption
  • Superior surface finishes due to an improved grinding process
  • Outstanding insert life for ball nose finishing applications – allowing the longest unattended runs

NEW SBD Back Draft Inserts

SBD series back draft-style (bull nose) inserts are interchangeable with SBN series inserts, offering a design that maximizes surface finish and rigidity while also minimizing cutting forces. View SBD insert specifications and ordering information.

  • Ideal for semi-finishing and finishing of straight or tapered walls, as well as flat-bottom surfaces
  • Positive-rake cutting wiper allows for larger stepdowns and faster feed rates than traditional backdraft-style inserts and bull nose cutters
  • Insert thickness provides optimum rigidity and heat control, providing superior tool life
  • Strong insert seating accepts cutting forces with minimal deflection, allowing no insert movement
SBD Back Draft Inserts for EDGE2 SBN

SBN Series Cutter Bodies

  • Fully thru-hardened bodies for optimum strength and longevity
  • High accuracy/centrality for minimal runout, providing best finishes and tool life
  • Close-tolerance insert pocket produced by EDM, removing less body material for improved insert support

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